Martin Medeiros started his research in 1999 to remove frustration and stress experienced with deals and disputes. He mastered methods for determining objective probabilities with the best strategies in transactions and disputes needed in the information economy. But this was not enough. His research then turned on tempering this objective focus with human behavior, which can be subjective and irrational. Now the model is complete.

Speaking at start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, Am Law 100 firms, trade association meetings,  strategic investment associations, universities, non-profits, and healthcare providers, Martin also presented to hundreds of attorneys as a Board Member of the Oregon Law Institute at Lewis and Clark College of Law from 2003-2015 and as Chair of the Technology Law Section of the Oregon State Bar. Martin's skill as a keynote speaker and teacher were forged on the anvil of this unique experience.

Martin Medeiros takes the stage with stories and humor. Anyone can lose bad negotiation habits, avoid losses and build value - if you know how. Martin has closed thousands of deals and disputes using a systematic approach. While we do have proprietary tools, we also publish our data and teach what we do to increase positive negotiation outcomes. 

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Martin Medeiros

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"One of the most important attributes of a successful leader is the ability to negotiate effectively."

from What It Takes to Succeed: An Examination of the Relationship Between Negotiators’ Implicit Beliefs and Performance 

by Laura J. Kray University of California, Berkeley  and

Michael P. Haselhuhn University of Pennsylvania

Martin gives you the confidence, skills and knowledge to communicate and obtain your needs in a complex world.  Whether mapping a global strategic alliance, motivating public or private entities in a world of information and innovation, or empowering sales teams, use science and data to work for you.  

We communicate our needs to the world by persuasion, influence and negotiation.  The sooner we understand and use the tools the sooner our needs are met. 

Martin Medeiros has spent a quarter of a century negotiating deals and disputes in the most complex to the most simple settings. An author of three books on the topic, let him energize and educate your team as a keynote speaker or in a workshop.


  • Influence, persuasion and negotiation
  • Innovation and Creativity
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