Attendee Testimony

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Event Planner Testimony

"Martin gave a meaningful, highly relevant (and persuasive!) talk on Influence, Persuasion and Negotiation to a group of people with a variety of experience with contracts or negotiations.  It is clear he has studied and practiced the art and science of influence, persuasion, and negotiation for years.  He was able to distill his knowledge into manageable, memorable chunks, such that everyone left with greater insight into the process, believing they could implement his most important suggestions.  Further, his style is perfect.  Martin appears to be genuinely interested in helping others improve their skills and confidence in the area of persuasion and negotiation.  He fosters an open dialogue, with plenty of room for Q&A, and he did a masterful job getting through his material by reinforcing key points from the discussion to make sure the audience heard them before adroitly moving forward to the next topic.    Without hesitation, I would recommend Martin as an expert and speaker on the topic of influence, persuasion and negotiation."
- Ellen Recko
Volunteer and Mentor, Lake Grove Job Seekers

Former Director of Business Operations, , New Products Group, Intel

 "We hired Martin to keynote our young professionals summer speaker series and present on the science behind persuasion, influence, and negotiation applied to work, love, and life. He was comfortable engaging our audience and even applied the principles from his book 161 Negotiation Tactics to real examples provided by the audience. Then he gave away a free copy of his book. I'd be happy to invite him to speak again next year."
- J Charles Griggs, International Hospitality Entrepreneur, Attorney, World Citizen

“Martin understands and considers the subtleties and requirements of cross-border and cross-industry discussions. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”

– Tony Nash, Director, Country and Economic Research – Complete Intelligence / The Economist Intelligence Unit 

“The negotiation training you provided to our buying staff was hands down the best I’ve encountered. The Tactical, Strategic and Physical pillars of negotiation that you discussed made it easy to grasp the complexities and the approach to take in preparing for negotiations.”

– Jeff Baer, Chief Technology Officer, City of Portland, Oregon

“Martin’s approach to negotiation is easily one of the best I have encountered in my career. The skills he teaches are absolutely necessary to gain an advantage at the table.”

– Scott Crane, Chief Privacy Counsel, Nintendo

“What Martin offers is a blend of disciplines and an understanding of human behavior, which makes his insights unusually valuable.”

– Gillian Floren, Publisher, Oregon Business Magazine

“His deep understanding of human behavior and his insights into how to influence that behavior is truly amazing. He used interesting, thoughtful, and fun interactive exercises to teach us how we can become better negotiators. The skills we learned our valuable and practical... both professionally and personally.”

– Maggie Finnerty (OEN) and Lew Goldfarb, Clinical Law Professors, Lewis & Clark Law School Small Business Legal Clinic